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Straits Financial Transparency of Segregated Funds.

May 2012

This is one of the reasons we are so impressed with Straits Financial. Please understand that this was their standard operating procedure long before MF Global tainted the sanctity of customers' funds.


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Larry Dykeman of the National Futures Association explains

the safety of Futures vs. Forex.


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- Further explanation of "Interesting Formations."


09-30-08 - Commitment of Trader, seasonal and statistic based Live Cattle trade

09-23-08 - ... Commodity Index Trader and Commitment of Trader analysis in AUS$

09-15-08 - ... Hurricane trading and the demand shock of perishable goods

09-08-08 - and COT analysis of S&P 500 higher open

08-29-08 - trade seasonal strength and "sell the rumor, buy the fact"

08-25-08 - ...Australian Dollar review of Volume and Open Interest

08-06-08 - ...Australian Dollar as proxy with open interest & trend line violation

08-01-08 - ...September Bean Meal seasonal and spread weakness

07-29-08 - ...September Australian Dollar trendline and CIT trade

07-24-08 - ...September U.S. Dollar Index daily & weekly resistance levels

06-26-08 - ...December Cotton moving averages and technical support trade

06-12-08 - ....Sugar using Commitment of Traders and seasonal trade

05-28-08 - ...U.S. Dollar Index nearing resistance

05-28-08 - ...Short term July Cocoa breakout trade

05-16-08 - ...June hog seasonal trade

05-12-08 - ...July sugar support and resistance trade

05-05-08 - ...Fibonacci based yield curve spread trade

05-01-08 - ...July orange juice retracement and trend trade

04-29-08 - ...June live cattle Commitment of Traders setup

04-22-08 - ...S&P 500 quick swing trade

04-16-08 - ...July cotton Commitment of Traders combined with Fibonacci values

04-14-08 - ...July Commitment of Traders and seasonal trade

04-04-08 - ...May soybean support and resistance trade

04-01-08 - ...June crude oil contango trade

03-25-08 - ...July wheat Commitment of Traders and seasonal trade

03-24-08 - ...Yield curve trade

03-03-08 - ...EuroFX & July cocoa swing trades 

02-26-08 - ...June Japanese Yen breakout trade

02-23-08 - ...April live cattle add on

02-21-08 - ...May soybean meal seasonal trade

02-20-08 - ...April live cattle support and resistance trade

02-12-08 - ...June Canadian Dollar volume and open interest setup

02-11-08 - ...May silver Commitment of Traders imbalance









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